Implementing an Angular Hybrid App Part 4

The last post of this series is about the implementation of the bootstrap module in an Angular Hybrid application, that is first of all create the main module which take care about launching the related Angularjs main module and as second step configuring UI Router routes for a new module which will coesists... Continue Reading →

Implementing an Angular Hybrid App Part 3

This post talk about the installation and configuration of and Webpack in a bigger activity of upgrading an Angularjs application into an Hybrid one, where both the framework coesists and where we are free to implement both with the old or the new. As we'll see, in the Angular installation we'll have to be... Continue Reading →

Implementing an Angular Hybrid App Part 2

The upgrading of an Angularjs SPA into an hybrid one (Angularjs + is composed by one step that is hardest than the others and this step is the refactoring of js files in typescript modules. What we've seen in the previous post is prepare the Angularjs files and remove incompatibilities like $scope and implicit... Continue Reading →

Implementing an Angular Hybrid App Part 1

Before the release of, React, Vue, the most used framework for SPA was without any doubt Angulajs. We used it for small and large applications, because of its modularity that help us to organize the code in different logic modules. But now with the release of new frameworks, we have some questions: how I... Continue Reading →

Improving ML.NET model accurancy

From the version 0.8 it's possible with ML.NET to evaluate features importance and so understand what are the columns that are more important to predict the final value. Permutation Feature Importance has this phurpose, highlight the most important features in order to understand what features has to be included or not; excluding some features from... Continue Reading →

Using ML.NET 1.0

The version 1.0 ML.NET introduces some broken changes about the syntax used for the configuration and the learning phase; so if we had some test projects that we have used to do practice with the library, we have to upgrade that (and I'm one of these). There are new classes, interfaces and methods, a new... Continue Reading →

Implement a WCF custom authentication

Configuring a WCF service is sometime a complex operation, expecially when we need to define the security of the service. On the Microsoft web site we have some detailed articles about the different configurations, what I discuss in this post is enable a custom authentication where, based on a username and password a custom code... Continue Reading →

Monitoring RabbitMQ

A message broker is a very important component in a software architecture. In a company, it's the element that deal with the communications between many applications, if not all; so the monitoring of the performance and the healty of this system is very important. Fortunately RabbitMQ offer a lot of api that we can call... Continue Reading →

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