Monitoring RabbitMQ

A message broker is a very important component in a software architecture. In a company, it's the element that deal with the communications between many applications, if not all; so the monitoring of the performance and the healty of this system is very important. Fortunately RabbitMQ offer a lot of api that we can call... Continue Reading →

Configuring TLS support on RabbitMQ

One year ago I wrote a series of posts about RabbitMQ and how to implement a publisher and a consumer. Now we'll see how to enable the TLS protocol on RabbitMQ, that is high recommended when the server is published on internet and the communication between the server and the clients must be encrypted. The... Continue Reading →

Reliable RabbitMQ consumer with C#

Message Brokers like RabbitMQ are the most common solution for decouple the communication between two different application and add an intermediary between them. With this solution there are many benefits, like asynchronous communication, indipendent protocols between the applications, definition of rules for routing messages and in case of RabbitMQ an efficient protocol like AMQP to... Continue Reading →

RabbitMQ consumer with C#

In the previous post I talked about a RabbitMQ publisher and how we can implement it with C#. The next step is implement a consumer and we'll see how we can do that efficiently; unlike the publisher, the consumer has more implication and as we'll see, we can consume messages from RabbitMQ in different ways. The... Continue Reading →

RabbitMQ publisher with C#

RabbitMQ is one of the most popular message broker used to decouple the communication between different application and components. It has a nice and clear documentation with simply tutorials to understand the capabilities of the middleware; it implements the AMQP protocol and it offer a client for different enviroments and languages, like C#, Java, Python,... Continue Reading →

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