Creating and publishing a NuGet package

The argument of this topic is how we can generate a NuGet package from a .NET project and what are the main options that we can specify from the console command. Writing and organizing our code and applications in separated modules is very important, will help us to reuse the code, to optimize the applications... Continue Reading →

Fluent interfaces in C#

The topic of the contracts definition and how the programmer can do it in the safest way and guarantee that who will use the contract will do that in the right way is a common and complex argument. In the development phase the preconditions are fundamentals to check that the parameters allowed in our contract... Continue Reading →

OAuth authentication client with .NET

One of the most authentication protocol used today in the web application is OAuth, as you know the token-based authentication protocol, where a client send the credential for the authentication, and if all goes well it receives a bearer token that the client will use for the further requests to the server. If I want... Continue Reading →

Looking deep inside OData Controllers

ASP.NET 4.5 has three different class which we can inherits to implements the controllers: Controller, ApiController and ODataController. In the latest applications that I implemented, because they were SPA, I used rarely the classic Controller (know as MVC controllers) and I developed a huge number of ApiController and ODataController. The first ones are used to... Continue Reading →

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