Continuous integration with Atlassian Bamboo

The continuous integration is a frequent theme in the application development, expecially in the projects with many developers involved that work on differents components of the application. Just because the developers works on different features, a process that integrate the new code frequently in project and verify that all the dependencies of that are working... Continue Reading →

Web API in ASP.NET Core

In this post I'll talk about the Web API in ASP.NET Core and how we can implement a Restful service with this new framework. One of the main difference in ASP.NET Core is that Web API have an unified class with the classic MVC Controllers. So the declaration of a Web API in ASP.NET Core... Continue Reading →

Unit Testing in .NET Core with xUnit

In this post we see how to do unit testing in .NET Core with xUnit. xUnit is a popular framework, with a lot of features and helpers to develop quickly our unit testings and implement them with a clean syntax; it's very efficient and the result is that the tests execution is very fast. In... Continue Reading →

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