Pipes in Angular 2

Developing an Angular 1 application, filters were very useful to accomplish different needs such as filter values from an array, apply a display format to a value and so on. In Angular 2 filters are non longer availables and the pipes take place. Instead of filters, angular pipes are more flexible because they are able to... Continue Reading →

ViewChilds in Angular2

In some cases we enable the communication between a parent and a child component by using parameters passed to the child; or the parent component can waiting an event that will be emitted from the child. But in other cases the parent need to access to methods of the child component, so we need to... Continue Reading →

Master-detail component in Angular 2

One of the new features of Angular 2 is the communication between components and how they can share informations and events. It’s very frequent that you have to implement a master/detail view, where you have a list of elements and we need to show the detail when the user click on a row. Let’s go... Continue Reading →

Data Binding in Angular 2

Angular 2 introduce  a new powerful data binding syntax, that you can use in the application views. With this new features, you can specify for every element if it’s binded one way (property, function) or two way (model update). The new sintax is very clear and once you understand is very easy to use it... Continue Reading →

Bootstrapping an Angular 2 application

In an Angular 2 application we have different options to load application and modules, and one of these is SystemJS. This is an open source project that give us the ability to load bunch of modules and define for each one the corresponding default main module. Therefore you can use this library to define a default... Continue Reading →

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