Looking deep inside OData Controllers

ASP.NET 4.5 has three different class which we can inherits to implements the controllers: Controller, ApiController and ODataController. In the latest applications that I implemented, because they were SPA, I used rarely the classic Controller (know as MVC controllers) and I developed a huge number of ApiController and ODataController. The first ones are used to... Continue Reading →

Manage attachments chunks with ASP.NET Web Api

In the previous post I spoke about a custom MultipartFormData stream provider and how it can help us to manage some custom informations included in a request message. In that example I generated chunks form a file and I sent those to a rest service (AKA Web API) with some additional informations that were then retrieved from the... Continue Reading →

Attachments management with Angular 2

A common issue that we faced in our applications is implement a component to allow the management of the attachment upload. We need to insert a file input field in the page, grab the change event of the field, extract the file and send it to a service. Recently I have needed to implement this... Continue Reading →

Owin middleware for static files

  Owin is a middleware that allow to define the application configurations so flexible and powerful and decouple server and application. This layer is executed during the application startup and define the basic configurations of the application; for example, in a web application, it can define if the WebApi are used and the routes. Another... Continue Reading →

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