Logging Entity Framework SQL queries

Often, when we write complex entity framework queries we would want to check how the translated query looks like or simply we would want to monitor the efficiency of it. If we have SQL Server Management Studio, we can leverage SQL Profiler to track all the queries on a specific database: This is not very... Continue Reading →

Resetting Entity Framework migrations

It's very often that when working on projects that has years of life and we are using Entity Framework, the migrations growth a lot over time and suddenly we encounter problems when we try to add new ones. Furthermore, opening the migrations folder and see tons of migration files is not very nice, so we... Continue Reading →

ASP.NET SignalR and TypeScript in an AngularJS SPA

SignalR is a javascript library for helping developers to add real-time functionalities to web applications. This example is a Angular SPA developed using Typescript,  to take advantage of Object Oriented features in the client-side code development. This application has a simple orders list, that every user can manage; every time a user make a change... Continue Reading →

Improve performance of a recursive method with Redis

Recursive method are very useful to process for example, parent/child relations and build organization trees. But for complex trees is very frequently to encounter performance problems, specially if the tree is build for every request. In my case, the hierarchical tree is composed on two sql table (node and relations); the problem was that with a large... Continue Reading →

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