Implementing an Angular Hybrid App Part 2

The upgrading of an Angularjs SPA into an hybrid one (Angularjs + is composed by one step that is hardest than the others and this step is the refactoring of js files in typescript modules. What we've seen in the previous post is prepare the Angularjs files and remove incompatibilities like $scope and implicit... Continue Reading →

Implementing an Angular Hybrid App Part 1

Before the release of, React, Vue, the most used framework for SPA was without any doubt Angulajs. We used it for small and large applications, because of its modularity that help us to organize the code in different logic modules. But now with the release of new frameworks, we have some questions: how I... Continue Reading →

Webpack with Angular2

In a previous post I spoke about the configurations to manage bundles in angular 2 with Systemjs. For this purphose, the latest versions of Angular CLI uses webpack and we can use it as module bundler in the new angular 2/4 applications. The reason of this choice is that webpack has a lot of plugins that they... Continue Reading →

Translations in Angular 2

A common requirement in Angular 2 is configure and share a service used from all the components of the application. In a multilanguage application, a service that we need to use is the provider for the language translations; obviously this module will be used in all the components, or at least in those that have... Continue Reading →

Bootstrapping an Angular 2 application

In an Angular 2 application we have different options to load application and modules, and one of these is SystemJS. This is an open source project that give us the ability to load bunch of modules and define for each one the corresponding default main module. Therefore you can use this library to define a default... Continue Reading →

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