OAuth authentication client with .NET

One of the most authentication protocol used today in the web application is OAuth, as you know the token-based authentication protocol, where a client send the credential for the authentication, and if all goes well it receives a bearer token that the client will use for the further requests to the server. If I want... Continue Reading →

Continuous integration with Atlassian Bamboo

The continuous integration is a frequent theme in the application development, expecially in the projects with many developers involved that work on differents components of the application. Just because the developers works on different features, a process that integrate the new code frequently in project and verify that all the dependencies of that are working... Continue Reading →

Manage attachments chunks with ASP.NET Web Api

In the previous post I spoke about a custom MultipartFormData stream provider and how it can help us to manage some custom informations included in a request message. In that example I generated chunks form a file and I sent those to a rest service (AKA Web API) with some additional informations that were then retrieved from the... Continue Reading →

Services lifetime scope with Autofac

Basically when we resolve a component with Autofac, we could register the object instance in the root container; this is not the best practice, because these components will never be disposed as long as the container lives, that normally is the lifetime of the application. Then, the root container will hold the references until the application... Continue Reading →

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