Typescript checking with TSLint

TSLint is a linter for Typescript, then a program that analyse our code to find potential errors and make the code more readable. The very nice feature is that TSLint has a separate json file, named tslint.json, to configure the analisys process and allow us to setup the rules; we need to put this file... Continue Reading →

Add Bower in an ASP.NET 4.5 application

Bower is packager manager that allow you to manage the client packages of your application and it can be easily integrated with in a deploy workflow with a task runner like Gulp. In this example, the sample application is an ASP.NET application with some NuGet packages installed and using Gulp to automate the deploy workflow.... Continue Reading →

Angular implicit annotation with Gulp

As you know, AngularJS provide the management of the module dependencies through the dependency injection. In order to be able to manage these dependencies, Angular allows specific annotations that the developers can use to define their modules. Dependency Annotation For example, in an Angular application written with Typescript, the dependencies can be inject in the... Continue Reading →

Compile Typescript with Gulp

Gulp is a build tools that can be used, among other things, as a Typescript compiler and sourcemaps generator. As you know, Typescript is a superset of Javascript which offer you static typing, classes, interfaces;  Sourcemaps are additional files that allow you to debug, from the browser debugger, source files (typescript files) instead of Javascript... Continue Reading →

Using Gulp in an ASP.NET 4.5 application

The use of a task runner in an ASP.NET application provide a series of advantages about concatenating and minifying CSS and Javascript application files and offers a real and valid alternative to the ASP.NET optimization framework. One of the most recent task runner is Gulp, that using code over configuration for more readable syntax and node... Continue Reading →

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