C# code refactoring with Visual Studio 2017

With the release of Visual Studio 2017 and updates, code refactoring helpers of C# projects are strongly improved and the refactoring activities has become easier. The intellisense has default rules that, normally, are the most used and recommended for the developers, but fortunately we have the ability to change these settings as we prefer. We... Continue Reading →

Compile Typescript with Gulp

Gulp is a build tools that can be used, among other things, as a Typescript compiler and sourcemaps generator. As you know, Typescript is a superset of Javascript which offer you static typing, classes, interfaces;  Sourcemaps are additional files that allow you to debug, from the browser debugger, source files (typescript files) instead of Javascript... Continue Reading →

Using Gulp in an ASP.NET 4.5 application

The use of a task runner in an ASP.NET application provide a series of advantages about concatenating and minifying CSS and Javascript application files and offers a real and valid alternative to the ASP.NET optimization framework. One of the most recent task runner is Gulp, that using code over configuration for more readable syntax and node... Continue Reading →

Scaling out a SignalR application

There are several ways to scale a SignalR web application, such as Redis, SQL Server and Azure Service Bus. To configure an Azure Service Bus on an existing application, two configurations are required in the Azure Management Portal, an Azure Cloud Service (if not exist) and an Azure Service Bus. Cloud Service The Cloud Service configuration require a... Continue Reading →

ASP.NET SignalR and TypeScript in an AngularJS SPA

SignalR is a javascript library for helping developers to add real-time functionalities to web applications. This example is a Angular SPA developed using Typescript,  to take advantage of Object Oriented features in the client-side code development. This application has a simple orders list, that every user can manage; every time a user make a change... Continue Reading →

Improve performance of a recursive method with Redis

Recursive method are very useful to process for example, parent/child relations and build organization trees. But for complex trees is very frequently to encounter performance problems, specially if the tree is build for every request. In my case, the hierarchical tree is composed on two sql table (node and relations); the problem was that with a large... Continue Reading →

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