Monitoring RabbitMQ

A message broker is a very important component in a software architecture. In a company, it's the element that deal with the communications between many applications, if not all; so the monitoring of the performance and the healty of this system is very important. Fortunately RabbitMQ offer a lot of api that we can call... Continue Reading →

Web API in ASP.NET Core

In this post I'll talk about the Web API in ASP.NET Core and how we can implement a Restful service with this new framework. One of the main difference in ASP.NET Core is that Web API have an unified class with the classic MVC Controllers. So the declaration of a Web API in ASP.NET Core... Continue Reading →

Manage attachments chunks with ASP.NET Web Api

In the previous post I spoke about a custom MultipartFormData stream provider and how it can help us to manage some custom informations included in a request message. In that example I generated chunks form a file and I sent those to a rest service (AKA Web API) with some additional informations that were then retrieved from the... Continue Reading →

Attachments management with Angular 2

A common issue that we faced in our applications is implement a component to allow the management of the attachment upload. We need to insert a file input field in the page, grab the change event of the field, extract the file and send it to a service. Recently I have needed to implement this... Continue Reading →

Http service in Angular 2

Use the http service in Angular 1 meant to deal with promises and defer, because it was based on APIs exposed by the $q service. Angular 2 makes a step ahead and the new implementation of the http service involves the observable pattern, with the using of RxJS javascript library. Why this big change? Because... Continue Reading →

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